In each of us, there are always parts that are hidden. These parts could be anything involving emotion, knowledge, or even characteristics.

TEDxSHMS 2023 – Awakening is here to discover your unknown identity. TEDxSHMS 2023 – Awakening is here to rouse the better version of you.

Event timeline:

15:15        Registration & Welcome Reception

16:00        TEDxSHMS Start

16:05        TEDx Talk by Jonathan Low

16:20        TEDx Talk by Ms. Yisi Fan

16:35        TEDx Talk by Mr. Gedeon Tumong

16:50         Break

17:00        TEDx Talk by Ms. Eglantine Jamet

17:15        TEDx Talk by Mr. Benjamin Bargetzi

17:30        TEDx Talk by Ms. Anja Biacha

18:00        Buffet Dinner

Our Speakers:

(1)-Jonathan Low

(Global Speaking Fellow, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) & ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC).

Topic (1): Power to “SERVE IT FORWARD “

1-Imagine a world where SERVICE is given in a purposeful, intentional way. This is where the term ‘SERVE IT FORWARD is coined. SERVE IT FORWARD is a way of life where people approach different facets of their life be it professionally or personally from acts of service and a gift. It is about the discovery of their inner core and drive, what really matters. It is about a Service Mindset and approach that involves taking the initiative to be of service first to others. It is about the deepening of the inner drive and noble goal that gives purpose, meaning, and perspective.

(2)-Yisi Fan

(Postgraduate Student)

Topic (2): 4 things I learned from being an Internet influencer with more than 3 million followers

(2)-An interesting fact is that it is easy for people to underestimate their influence and what they can do online even if they spend a lot of time online everyday. The truth is everyone can actually change the world through expressions and actions in the Internet age. So I want to inspire more people through my own experience as an internet influencer to let them know that your voice matters and you can do more than you think.

(3)-Gedeon Tumong


Topic (3): The Anatomy of Empathy.

(3)-Take 100 Swiss francs, throw it on the floor, step on it, and trample it repeatedly. Would that 100CHF still retain its value in the market? This talk extols the virtues of being a compassionate and empathetic leader.

(4)-Eglantine Jamet

(Executive Search Consultant – Founding Partner at Artemia Executive)

Topic (4): “Gender balance at the top: what does it take?”

(4)-The benefits of gender diversity in decision-making roles have been clearly demonstrated, and yet male-dominated leadership teams are still the norm in the corporate world. What does it really take to close the gap and make sure more women break the glass ceiling and have a seat at the table?

(5)-Benjamin B. Bargetzi

(Tech Entrepreneur, Ex-Google & Amazon, Cognitive Scientist)

Topic (5): The World of Tomorrow – Big Tech meets Neuroscience.

(5)-If looking at the tremendous success of tech entrepreneurship and Big Tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, the question arises of what the fundamental principles are that fostered the success of these companies. Looking into the human brain, Benjamin Bargetzi explains how the success of Big Tech companies can be traced back to developments and mechanisms in the human brain, and what this means for companies and private individuals alike in the coming decades.

(6)-Anja Blacha

(Adventurer, Extreme Athlete)

Topic (6): A lazy person’s guide to going the extra mile.

6-How can we embrace our inner lazy self to go beyond and reach ambitious goals?
In her talk, Anja will share her insights on how she has harnessed the power of laziness to go the extra mile – or rather a world-record-setting 858 extra miles – that took her from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

Organizing Team

Mr. Nektarios Lykopantis
Program Manager at Swiss Hotel Management School, Caux, Switzerland

Volunteer Team

Master Students 2023 of SHMS

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